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Restart for Volkswagen Golf production after supply dispute

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Golf GTI

VW reassures customers who have ordered the Volkswagen Golf after supplier dispute is resolved.

The enforced stoppage of production lines creating the best-selling Volkswagen Golf has come to an end as a dispute between the manufacturer and suppliers is resolved.

Factory lines for the Volkswagen Golf, including those at the firm's Wolfsburg HQ, came to a halt after two suppliers of differential housings and seat components, both part of the Eastern Horizon Group, stopped sending parts to Volkswagen.

The two companies, ES Automobilguss and CarTrim refused to fulfil VW orders as a result of a costly legal battle relating to a contract that was cancelled; a wrangle that the firm claims was costing millions.

The halt in production was ended when Volkswagen reached an agreement with the Eastern Horizon Group. No details have been released about the agreement and it is expected that it will remain confidential.

Production of the Volkswagen Golf restarts

The affected plants started ‘step-by-step’ preparations to resume production once the agreement was reached and it was confirmed that supplies would restart, according to a spokesperson.

The shutdown of the production lines lasted for just over 24 hours. Around 27,000 workers are now back to full working hours, despite being sent home at the peak of the dispute.

The Volkswagen Golf is the group's best-selling car in the UK market. A total of 73,409 were sold during 2015 alone. Despite this success, however, VW has experienced a turbulent year as a result of the emissions scandal.

Remedial measures to prevent delays

The firm appears to be committed to driving through the latest crisis. It says that everything possible will be done to ensure that customers are not affected by the Golf production shut-down. The spokesperson also apologised in advance for any inconvenience caused if individual deliveries turn out to be delayed.

Whilst some new Volkswagen Golf buyers may face a wait to drive their new car if remedial measures do not achieve all of the desired results, second hand car buyers continue to snap-up used VW Golfs.

The story behind the Golf

Volkswagen has been honing the Golf for more than four decades and it is officially one of the most popular cars ever made. It has been produced since 1974 and started out largely as a three-door hatchback. Since then, it has won multiple awards, including being named as the best car in Europe and the world.

Today’s Golf is said to fill the gap between alternative volume vehicles, including the Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus, together with premium cars such as the Audi A3.

The Golf’s popularity has always been evident in its ability to attract a range of different used and new VW buyers, from families to speed enthusiasts. The firm famously launched the GTI, creating the "hot hatch" sector of the 1980s. And today the Golf R all-wheel drive maintains the model’s hot hatch popularity.

With prices starting at £31,685, the Golf R is faster than the Golf GTI. Extra traction and power enable this, even though it is a heavier vehicle. It is available with either dual-clutch or manual transmission and boasts a turbocharger and four cylinders.

Fuel economy is around 40mpg and the R has 297bhp and 0-62mph acceleration of 4.9 seconds. This increases to 5.1 seconds for models with the manual six-speed gearbox instead of the double clutch DSG transmission. This is the same as the DSG estate version.

The Golf R offers a Sport mode, together with a ‘soundaktor’, designed to generate sound and make up for a reduction in engine noise compared its V6 forbears.

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