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Renault Zoe Does 1,000 Miles on Single Tank

By raccars Published

Renault is trying its best to make its new small hatchback, Zoe, look cool and socially-relevant with lots of tests and ‘impressive’ economy runs. Unfortunately for the Zoe, as great as the car probably is, it’s still called the Zoe. The car is called Zoe. Who is going to buy this, seriously?

Anyway, it turns out the Zoe has just managed to travel 1,005 miles on a single tank – which is impressive for an electric hatch. With that being said, however, nobody ever drives on full economy runs in real life, so don’t expect to get this type of economy out of your Zoe – if you buy one – on your commute to work.

Renault is confident they can sell the Zoe in the UK, but with flops like the Wind on its books, do we believe them?

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