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Renault Trezor two-seater unveiled

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Renault Trezor

Two-seater Renault Trezor concept car offers a glimpse of the future for the firm's designs.

Renault has revealed its latest innovation at this year’s Paris motor show in the form of a two-seater electric GT concept. The Trezor coupe is the next in the line of creations from the Laurens van den Acker camp. Van den Acker has been Renault’s design boss since 2009 and has been credited with restyling every production car in the Renault range.

Trezor is the French word for treasure and the car is clearly linked with the Dezir concept of 2010, which was the pioneer of the current design language being displayed by Renault. The 2012 Clio was said to signal the completion of van den Acker’s restyling journey but now the cycle is set to start again with the new two-seater Trezor design study hinting at what is to come in the future. Van den Acker says it marks the start of ‘a new beginning’.

He said that the Trezor aims to have emotive appeal, as with all Renault cars, whilst also investigating relevant ‘urgent questions’ such as the way in which lights should be configured for new cars; how passengers can be accommodated in cars with autonomous modes; and how information screens can be included in cars without them looking alien. Van den Acker’s said that whilst ‘due respect’ must be given to Dezir, the Trezor two-seater has less beauty but ‘more brains’.

The appearance of the two-seater Trezor

The Trezor is 4700mm long, making it almost the same length as the current Range Rover Sport. It’s diminutive height of 1080mm, however, means that it is amongst the lowest cars out there. The front wheels sit in the shadows of big, confident bulges, whilst powerful haunches adorn the rear. The Trezor’s short fastback tail culminates in a horizontal half circle behind the wheels.

The Trezor exceeds the dimensions of the Range Rover Sport when it comes to the length of its 2776mm wheelbase but it features extremely small overhangs. The concept car boasts 22-inch rear wheels and 21-inch versions at the front and has gaps between the spokes which create an Eiffel Tower shape. There are also carbon fibre scoops which help with brake cooling.

The concept’s chassis has a central spine made of carbon fibre which connects with steel frames at the front and back to hold the independent suspension. A single Formular E 350bhp motor behind the car’s occupants drives the rear wheels. It has large batteries at the front and back but its kerb weight stands at just 1600kg. This allows the Trezor two-seater to go from zero to 62mph in under four seconds.

A ‘simple and sensual’ two-seater

Van den Acker claims that the style of the Trezor is ‘simple and sensual’, as well as being ‘warm’, but the curves are striking in their extravagance and the large, single, powered door reveals two deep bucket seats with leather trims, which aim to offer comfort whilst driving - or whilst being driven in autonomous mode.

All of the instrumentation is screen-based and the Trezor has two large dashboard displays and three small versions across a rectangular steering wheel. The dash features laminated ash wood which is made with the assistance of Keim Cycles. These French specialists create £8500 bicycle frames made of wood.

The forward-opening door also reveals wooden-framed head restraints for the driver and passenger, together with a wood-framed luggage compartment, offering space for a pair of suitcases. This styling suggests that Renault sees wood as a modern material rather than an historic choice.

The controls of the Trezor are largely app-based and there are icons to choose particular functions. Once in its autonomous mode, the Trezor’s steering wheel widens to given a better view of the screens on the main fascia; just what is needed in order to fully enjoy a movie or a game.

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