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Renault Does a BOGOF Offer

By raccars Published

Renault has been cutting back its car models in the UK for a few months now, but it seems that it’s now happy to let those lucky Spaniards have their cake and eat it, too! The financially struggling French marque has been looking at ways to save money and boost popularity in its brand, so now, in Spain only, their chucking in a free Twizy – that weird little half car/half scooter thing – whenever someone buys a Laguna or Espace.

Is Renault in doo-doo so deep that they have to entice consumers with free electric scooters? It seems so; having said that, the customers won’t mind as the Twizy retails for £5,475, so it is a good deal for anyone looking for a saloon or people carrier in the market.

Let’s hope Renault can sort out their finances, because the last thing we want is another Saab episode.

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