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The hypercar is as seldom seen in public as a white tiger in the wild, yet despite the recession, production is thriving. Thriving, that is, in the sense that these ultra-racy, extremely limited production run vehicles get ever faster, more technologically advanced and impressive all the time.

While your average supercar carries cachet, its manufacturer is usually propped up by mass market profits, but the niche sports car manufacturer still exists - commonly appropriating someone else's engine then clothing it in its own unique style. Thumbing its nose to the worldwide financial crisis, such spectacular engineering still seems to find buyers.

If you had more money than sense, you might want to buy yourself a bit of exclusivity in the form of one of these beasts:

W Motors Lykan Hypersport

With a name like 'Hypersport' this car clearly has no pretensions to false modesty. Its manufacturer, Dubai-based, W Motors, is practically unheard of, but with the Lykan Hypersport as its first, explosive project, the start-up company clearly plans to go places. Five units only are planned, with 750bhp from a six-cylinder, twin-turbo horizontally opposed engine. For a wince-inducing $3.4 million, the Lykan will get you to 245mph in flamboyant style.

Gumpert Apollo

The Apollo has been around since 2005, created by one-time Audi Sport director, Roland Gumpert. Its best-known car boasts 650bhp and 224mph from its V8 for $550,000 and also produced an R version, with 849mph for $650,000. Unfortunately, you'll only find one second-hand, as the German company went into administration last year.

GTA Spano

For $650,000, the Spanish-designed Spano offers you American-style V10 brute force in a carbon-fibre, titanium and Kevlar lightweight shell, sculpted with European sensuality. The 99-unit limited-run Spano will get you from 0-60mph in less than 3 seconds, thanks to a 780bhp power output.

Pagani Huayra

Just over $1,000,000 will get you the funky replacement to the Zonda, a 720bhp monster masquerading as a show pony. The interior is a symphony of fine detail, finished in carbon-fibre and leather. Pagani turns out about 40 models per year.

Koenigsegg Agera

Sweden's Agera and its even racier R counterpart both develop more than 1,000bhp from a 5 litre V8, for a 250mph top speed and a showstopping design. For $2.5 million, you get to choose your own colour and trim details.

Maybach Landaulet

This semi-cabriolet version of the ultra-luxury executive limousine, comes from a name known for serving the world's super-wealthy and sports a 620bhp V12 turbo under the bonnet. Maybach is Daimler's niche brand and seldom allowed to see daylight, so those who take delight in flaunting their resources should grab one now.

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