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Range-topping Mazda MX-5 unmasked

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With the new generation of the MX-5 released, Mazda has just confirmed the launch of a special top flight edition for the UK.

The Mazda MX-5 is arguably the firm's most iconic range, with these sporty yet affordable roadsters managing to make a splash in the UK for over two decades. The fourth generation of the MX-5 family was recently unleashed, bringing updated looks and introducing plenty of new technology. The standard edition is appealing enough, but in the past week Mazda has confirmed the release of a special version which will top the range and which will only be manufactured in small numbers to preserve its exclusive appeal, according to AutoExpress.

The MX-5 Sport Recaro is set to sell from £24,295 which is around £1000 more than the current range-topper. And there are plenty of reasons why fans will be willing to pay a premium, other than the simple fact that it is likely to be the rarest MX-5 on British roads.

Aesthetic upgrades

A significant number of the benefits associated with the Sport Recaro edition of the MX-5 relate to its design and styling. On the outside it comes with the Sports Aero body kit, which adds side skirts, spoilers at the front and rear and a pair of door mirrors which have a piano black finish, irrespective as to which paint is chosen. The two options on offer in this area are red and a kind of metallic grey-silver combination, both of which will be likely to turn heads when seen in the metal.

17 inch alloy wheels are also a standard feature on this special edition of the MX-5, with newly designed spokes giving it a very different look to that of its standard stable mates. And the interior is also a special place in which to spend time thanks to the Recaro sports seats, with their figure-hugging shape and premium upholstery. This model even has its own floor mats made exclusively to match the trim, while the presence of aluminium foot pedals will give it an unashamedly sporty look.

Performance prowess

Power for the MX-5 Sport Recaro is provided by a 2.0 litre engine, developing 158hp. This should be more than enough to make this light and agile car feel faster and more engaging to drive than some of its rivals even if they seem quicker on paper. And because it is a special edition it also sports a limited slip-diff, improved dampers built by Bilstein and the more aggressive look of a performance-focused roadster.

Technical updates abound; this edition will feature climate control to keep the interior cool, parking sensors to make sure that you do not scrape the body during low speed manoeuvring, all tied up in an infotainment system with integrated satellite navigation and digital radio capabilities.

British car enthusiasts who like the sound of this MX-5 variant can already place orders for it, although since it is a strictly limited edition it will not be around forever and may sell out quite quickly if demand is strong.

The fourth-generation MX-5 on which it is based has received critical acclaim since its release, with reviewers praising it not only for its performance and looks but also for its surprising practicality. The only issue raised by a few has been that the interior is not quite to the premium standard anticipated. This is an area that this special edition seems to address, giving the MX-5’s significant British user base a further reason to get excited.

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