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Range Rover Evoque Autobiography Launches

By raccars Published

A more powerful, range topping Range Rover Evoque will be introduced in Geneva next month, boasting a sportier ride and more responsive handling. The somewhat cumbersomely named Autobiography Dynamic edition of the Evoque should plug the gap until the release of the fastest ever production Land Rover, the Range Rover Sport RS, due later in 2014.

There is apparently no Evoque RS on the cards but the Autobiography Dynamic will be a 'warmer' version of the car, for fans looking for a little more poke. The standard Evoque's four cylinder turbocharged 2.0 litre petrol engine will be used for the new edition, but tuned to eke out an extra 44bhp and torque boost, taking it to 281bhp and 400Nm. The regular ZF nine speed automatic transmission has also been tweaked for sportier performance, even on the basic automatic D setting.

The standard Evoque's suspension has been massaged with firmer springs, a rejigged adaptive damper set up and torque vectoring by braking to control understeer. The original 300mm brakes have gone up to 350mm and the steering has been uprated for more precision. The end result should be a more agile and engaging drive, with no loss to quality of ride. Furthermore, there's added traction with the Active Driveline version of all wheel drive.

As an adjunct to the mechanical upgrades, the exterior has been tarted up with a new front grille and lower bumper design, 20 inch alloy wheels and Autobiography badging. A new metallic paint colourway, Phoenix Orange, is also part of the package. Buyers can choose between six colours of leather trim in the cabin and two seat styles, premium climate or sports. Some funky new touches include illumination to the tread plates and Autobiography embossing in the headrests.

The Evoque Autobiography Dynamic will also introduce a new Land Rover InControl range of smartphone apps, which will feature a common design and functionality between the car's touchscreen and the screen on your 'phone. This technology will be extended to cover the whole Evoque range.

With 270,000 unit sales since 2011, the Evoque has been a significant success for its parent company, Jaguar Land Rover. This latest edition will be sold in both three door coupe or five door formats, with prices estimated to start at about £50,000, with the first vehicles due to be delivered in October.

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