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Race of Champions 2015 winner revealed

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This year’s Race of Champions has a winner, with F1 star Sebastian Vettel taking home the top prize.

Sebastian Vettel has won the F1 title four times in his illustrious career, but this month he also managed to come out on top during the 2015 Race of Champions, held in London. Various stalwarts from the world of motorsport participated in the event, which took place at the Olympic Stadium, yet ultimately it was Formula One heavy hitters that earned the lion’s share of the attention at this year’s race.

Vettel’s victory came as part of a knock-out tournament which featured a number of leading racers, from rally champion Petter Solberg to celebrated Le Mans victors such as Tom Kirstensen. David Coulthard was also involved in the action on the track, although the ultimate winner was Ferrari driver Vettel, who managed to overcome technical troubles with the car to achieve this, according to AutoExpress.

Vettel speaks out

When interviewed after his win, Vettel said that he had spent many years attempting to make his mark at the Race of Champions, with 2015 being the year in which this ambition was finally realised. He also said that it was an honour to race alongside so many other famous drivers from different fields, while highlighting the sheer fun of the entire experience for all of those involved.

For Vettel and the other veteran racers, it seems as though this event in particular is something that they can kick back and enjoy, rather than getting as deeply involved in the drama of the competition as is inevitable in their individual sports.

British victories

There were a variety of different competitions taking place during the 2015 Race of Champions, so while Vettel’s victory is a positive one for German motorsport, there were also successes for British drivers. The winners of the Nations Cup were Jason Plato and Andy Priualx, both of whom worked together in order to dominate a rival team that also featured Vettel. And of course since they were effectively driving on home turf, the crowd was behind them from the start and erupted when they managed to outdo their continental rivals.

Earlier in the evening a clash of the titans between Coulthard and Jenson Button took place, with the result being almost unbearably close. In a photo finish there was only 0.0005 seconds difference between the two cars. Clearly, neither one was willing to give the other an easy time of it because of their national links.

Speaking about his win, Jason Plato said that in last year’s Race of Champions the victory in the Nations Cup had ultimately gone to the German team, meaning that in 2015 it felt all the better to be able to take the trophy back for the home side. He also said that the support of the crowd was impressive and that being able to hear them cheering as he took the chequered flag was one of the most exciting experiences of his career.

The conversion of the Olympic Stadium to play host to the race was impressive, with the centre of the arena almost unrecognisable as a result of the twisting, turning tarmac of the track. And the positive responses from both the audience and the legendary drivers is reassuring. Racing was not the only aspect of the event, as there were also musical performances and even some stunts in between each of the competitions, making this an entertaining evening for all and ensuring that fans will anticipate the return of the Race of Champions in 2016 with considerable excitement.

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