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Quirky custom Chevrolet delivery car cooks pizzas on the move

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A new range of modified Chevrolet Spark models have been endowed with a fully functioning pizza oven to improve the delivery process.

Domino theory

Dominos Pizza is one of the UK’s largest fast food delivery franchises and has been enjoying consistent sales growth in recent years thanks to its willingness to embrace the latest technology. For the most part, this has involved creating an easy to use website and mobile app to encourage people to place orders, but now the firm’s US operation has taken a rather more hands-on approach to optimising the process of delivering pizza.

This has been achieved by taking a standard Chevrolet Spark city car and adding a pizza oven at the rear where passenger seats and the boot would usually be found, according to the Telegraph. In fact even the front passenger seat has been stripped out to make more room for pizzas and other equipment, meaning that there is only enough space for the driver.

A team of engineers at Roush Enterprises has spent the past three years creating this novel adaptation of Chevrolet’s rugged supermini. And the so-called DPX was launched by Dominos via a social media campaign which referenced Back to the Future, as a result of the gull wing door that can be raised to provide access to the oven at the rear.

Warming up

The built-in oven is an active solution to a problem which is usually dealt with passively in the fast food delivery business; namely the fact that even the hottest food will begin to cool as soon as it has been cooked and despatched to customers’ homes. People who choose to collect their own orders will suffer the same issues, while pizza delivery specialists have typically utilised insulated carriers to minimise heat loss in the past with varying degrees of success.

The Chevrolet Spark commissioned by Dominos has an oven of its own, with a capacity for up to 80 pizzas allowing it to handle especially busy periods of the day. The objective of the exercise is that every customer should be able to enjoy piping hot food delivered to their doorstep, whether they are at the start of the delivery route or at the end.

Further modifications

The Spark-based DPX cars also have a few other built-in tricks, including a feature known as a puddle light. This is essentially another interesting part of the Dominos branding exercise, since it allows the projection of the firm’s logo onto the surface of the road beside the car. The pizza giant argues that this will help the driver to see any patches of water on the surface and thus avoid them, but ultimately it seems likely that the real objective is to help Dominos to make more people aware of this high profile new addition to its fleet.

The interior features other compartments and cubby holes for the storage of a range of drinks, sauces, sides and deserts to accompany customer orders. Dominos praised the four cylinder petrol engine of the DPX, pointing out that it should be particularly fuel efficient and more than capable of dealing with the stop-start nature of pizza delivery.

Thus far there are 97 specially adapted Chevrolet Spark models converted to the full DPX set-up and in operation across the US, with Dominos even setting up a special website which lets customers track where they are in use. If this proves to be a successful campaign, the firm may decide to bring the same technology to the UK, where it is still seeing its digital sales rise month after month thanks to our insatiable appetite for pizza.

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