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Porsche Macan Guns For Range Rover

By raccars Published

Porsche's new Macan is gearing up to tread all over the Range Rover Evoque's perfectly pedicured toes at the turn of the year. With a commercial release in the early part of 2014, the car is due to be officially unveiled to the public at November's LA Motor Show.

The SUV will be riding on the Audi Q5's modular MLB chassis but is topped with more aluminium elements to save 130kg in weight. The VW group has used its alternative MQB platform on the Audi A3 and other compact models to attempt similar weight savings with less success.

Taking its cue from the Q5 again, the Porsche Macan will only be available as a four wheel drive but other technical details are sparse as yet. The engine range is expected to comprise six cylinder petrol and diesel units, with the possibility of four cylinder variants further down the line, but as a more economical model the choice will probably be narrower than big brother SUV the Cayenne's.

Porche's standard model layout is likely to apply, with standard, S and Hybrid variants. The Q5 platform will be furnished with unique new engines, suspension and design. Expect an interior reminiscent of the new 911 and Panamera models, with the gear stick sitting between lines of switches. The exterior will also be easily recognisable, draped in Porsche's familiar design language. The muscular front end recalls the larger Cayenne, while the narrow rear tail lights give a nod to the 911.

Despite a mass market friendly price point, Porsche doesn't wish to dilute its brand image by challenging high selling rivals, planning smaller sales volumes than its ostensible rival the Range Rover Evoque or the upcoming BMW X4. Enlargements to the brand's Leipzig plant will handle production of the Macan, which will take the factory's output to maximum capacity and put the kibosh on rumours of other new models such as the Pajun saloon – for the time being anyway. The idea hasn't been put to bed completely, with Porsche planning to monitor the Maserati Ghibli to assess the market potential for its own rival.

With the Macan's big brother the Cayenne starting at a price of £45,000, the more economical model is expected to command a figure in the region of £36,000. This assumes a differential between the Macan and the similar Audi Q5 that matches that of the big brother model Cayenne and its Audi counterpart the Q7.

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