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Porsche GT3 owners unimpressed by fire risk engine scandal

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It's one of those brands that rarely puts a foot wrong, so there may have been some rather uncharitable smirks from rivals at the news of this year's massive Porsche GT3 recall, after a risk of engine fires was identified. All cars potentially affected by the fault were recalled after two of the £100,000 GT3s suffered engine fires earlier in the year.

Porsche identified the problem as a fault with piston rod connectors and has called a halt to GT3 production until the issue has been resolved. Existing cars will have their engines replaced but Porsche has failed to give a timetable for the completion of the work. In the meantime, owners of the existing cars are becoming increasingly disgruntled and are demanding £145 per day in compensation for their carelessness.

A GT3 Worldwide Action Group has been formed in Britain to help customers access the compensation it believes has been offered to owners of the offending vehicles elsewhere. Affected GT3 owners in the US are alleged to have been offered compensation of £1,190 per month, while German owners will receive £145 per day. One GT3 owner from Dubai has apparently been promised €12,000 compensation by Porsche.

UK owners claim no such payment has been offered to them. As a result, a group of 30-35 GT3 owners in the UK, plus others who have paid a deposit for a new GT3 and are now awaiting a delayed delivery, have formed the action group. The group is requesting compensation from Porsche to the tune of €175 per day, back dated to 18 February, the date when the company advised owners to stop using the cars. Customers whose cars are partway through the aborted production schedule are claiming €100 per day, and those who have paid deposits but not yet been given a production slot are hoping for €50 per day. Porsche has yet to make any comment on the issue of compensation for UK GT3 owners and customers.

Among those who have been obliged to return their cars to Porsche are Top gear presenter, Richard Hammond, and F1's McLaren Automotive, which had invested in a GT3 as part of the development of its own rival two seater sports car. This is expected to be named the P13 and cost from £120,000.

Disappointed owners can be optimistic that it will all be worth it in the end, with the GT3 good enough to have been named Performance Car of the Year at this month's New York Motor Show, despite the lack of models in action.

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