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Porsche goes ahead with Mission E

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Mission 3

Porsche has given the green light to put the spectacular Mission E concept into production.

The Mission E will be the first electric car from the German sports car maker and comes in the form of a saloon. It could shake up Tesla's domination of the electric saloon market somewhat. Production of the car will ensure over 1,400 new jobs and require an investment by Porsche of about €1 billion.

The Mission E concept

The Mission E concept was introduced last year at the Frankfurt Motor Show and Porsche plans to get the car on the market by 2020. The first Porsche EV is part of a wider plan by parent company, The VW Group, to offset the damage caused by the on-going 'dieselgate' scandal by committing to a clean and green future.

Its output over the next few years will be increasingly made up of hybrid and electric models. The next generation VW Phaeton saloon will be an EV while Porsche is looking to enter the performance EV market with the Mission E, which produces 592bhp.

€1 billion investment

About €700 billion will be spent on the Porsche factory in Stuttgart to furnish it with a new paint shop and another assembly plant, while the engine plant will also be expanded to accommodate the production of electric motors. The firm hopes that the Mission E will help to revolutionise the sports car industry.

The Mission E combines the proportions of something like the Panamera with athletic ability of the 918, although its looks haven't thus far divided opinion as the Panamera did.

It's very low and built of carbon fibre-reinforced polymer, steel and aluminium. The 21 inch (at the front) and 22 inch (at the back) wheels are made of carbon. At the front is a set of four point matrix LED headlights similar to those on the latest 911, while the body flows back in a very aerodynamically efficient form as seen on the 918. There are no B pillars and the car's design is notable for its 'suicide doors', designed to facilitate cabin access.

The most advanced Porsche technology

Mechanically the Mission E was inspired by Porsche's 919 Hybrid Le Mans racer. It features an 800 volt drive train with two electric motors and what Porsche claims is the most powerful battery on the EV market. The result is 592bhp driven through all four wheels. Vital statistics include 0-62mph in just 3.5 seconds and 0-124mph in 12.5 seconds. There's plenty of other interesting kit on board, including four wheel steer and torque vectoring to ensure that power is distributed automatically between the wheels to offer maximum traction.

What makes the Mission E particularly interesting is its claimed 310 mile or 500km range, putting it on a par with the Tesla Model S and the Audi e-tron concept SUV. With range limitations still the paramount concern of EV buyers, this makes the Porsche a very attractive prospect, particularly as Porsche is offering a 'turbo charging' system which provides an 80 per cent charge capacity within about 15 minutes using an 800 volt port. This is achievable by using smaller and lighter copper cables, according to the manufacturer. Batteries can also be wirelessly recharged using induction technology. A charge port is neatly placed behind a front wheel.

The high tech carries on inside the Mission E, with gesture control technology and driver eye tracking to control the main functions of the car. The traditional instrument binnacle has given way to a 3D floating digital display which moves with the driver's eye movements to ensure that it is always within sight.

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