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Porsche 911 GT3 Under Recall Notice

By raccars Published

After some high profile incidents involving the latest model of Porsche 911 GT3, the company has been forced to recall all 785 units from 2014. Of these, 160 are believed to be in the UK, 60 of which have yet to be delivered.

The £100,000 sports car is a favourite of the rich and famous, notably Richard Hammond, presenter of the BBC's Top Gear motoring programme. However, two 911 GT3s have suffered engine fires, leading Porsche to advise owners to stop driving them last month. Since then, the company has taken the decision to replace the engines on every single model and to cease further deliveries for the time being.

Some 1,000 models were expected to reach their owners in the near future which, added to the nearly 800 units already recalled, leaves almost 1,800 Porsches or £200 million worth of metal undriveable. In the UK, about £16 million worth of cars have been affected.

Porsche engineers have examined the two cars afflicted by engine fires and have concluded that the cause was an ignited oil leak resulting from a screw coming loose. This allowed a connecting rod to come loose and, in turn, damaged the crankcase. Nobody was injured in either incident, one of which occurred in Italy and the other in Switzerland.

The 911 GT3 is a track focused Porsche that is the sportiest among sixteen models of 911 on sale. Porsche has assured owners that other models of 911 are unaffected by the problem.

The company, part of the VW Group, is in contact with all the owners of the affected 911 GT3s and is working with auto industry regulators on the issue. All vehicles will be collected from and returned to owners by Porsche. The cost to the company of the engine replacement programme is unknown at this stage, but a spokesman claims this is a simpler solution than dealing with individual components.

Sales of the latest 911 GT3 began at the end of 2013 with a £100,540 list price. The car can reach 62mph within 3.5 seconds and boasts a top speed of 196mph, thanks to a 3.8 litre engine generating 169bhp. Of the 785 models already delivered, about 400 of these went to customers in the USA.

In the meantime, Porsche has introduced new flagship GTS versions of its Boxster and Cayman models with added power, extra equipment and adjustments to suspension and styling.

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