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Pimp My Ride - Quirky Car Mods

By raccars Published

Those shelling out huge sums for luxury brand cars are buying a number of things: badge prestige, performance, comfort and accessories. The more convenience and vanity features you add, the more you pay, with the sky being the only limit for some. You may not consider glovebox mounted perfume atomisers or fibre-optic treated headliners part of your essential kit list, but there is a creative list of accessories and personalisation options within the financial reach of the average man who wants his small family hatchback to stand out from the crowd.

VW Golf (Mk 6)

Aimed very much at continental Europeans, who tend to buy drinks in glass bottles rather than cans or plastic, the Golf now comes with an integrated bottle opener. Probably best not to operate while driving. It's fairly useful but has a long way to go to catch up with the next few options.

Nissan Cube

This striking looking budget vehicle stands out in part for its eccentric appearance but also for a huge and imaginative range of unusual customisation options – you can opt for roofliners, speaker covers and cup holders decorated with a water ripple motif, multicoloured bungee cords and utility hooks, decorative appliques to the air vents and window switchgear and coloured LEDs to the footwells and cup holders. Apparently, the idea is to provoke the 'comfortable and social atmosphere' of a jacuzzi. Strangest of all is a colour co-ordinated circle of shagpile carpet affixed to the dashboard, to act as the world's oddest stress reliever for those bored by your standard worry beads...

Fiat 500L

Fiat's opening sally in its attempt to expand its extremely successful 500 brand is the mini SUV/crossover style vehicle, the Fiat 500L. The car comes with an accessory that could have only been thought up by an Italian: a Lavazza espresso machine integrated into the cup holder. It remains to be seen whether the capsule coffee system, costing €249, will prove to be a large enough draw to help the 500L become as popular as the original 500, but this is definitely luxury car style at an accessible price.

Ford Mustang

This is a car with iconic status across the pond, but as yet, a niche buy here in Europe. A funky new feature in the current model is a set of pony puddle lamps, auxiliary lights mounted under door handles or mirrors to guide car owners back to their vehicles in the dark. The Mustang version now comes in the shape of the car's famous pony-shaped badge – likely to be a hit with horse mad teenage girls or frustrated cowboys...

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