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Peugeot Spills The Beans On The RCZ-R

By raccars Published

Peugeot's hot coupe, the RCZ R, is due to be released in January and this week Peugeot has been sharing more details on what will be its fastest road car ever.

Order books open next month for the first deliveries by 2nd January and prices start at £32,500. That's a premium of £4,500 on the RCZ, for which you get 266bhp over the standard car's 197bhp. Aside from the power boost, the RCZ R powertrain and chassis have been treated to a makeover by Peugeot's motorsport engineering team, to justify the extra cost.

Peugeot claims the RCZ R was created to answer demand by RCZ customers for a more powerful version of the coupe. The French company has taken this brief and attempted to meld track day performance with a road car, working on power, handling, balance, braking and traction, for a car that is simultaneously racy and laid back. To this end, the majority of testing has taken place on the track.

The RCZ's 1.6 litre petrol engine has been thoroughly spruced up, with a bigger turbo, freer flowing air intake, and reinforced block and Mahle Motorsport forged pistons. Furthermore, there's a new exhaust manifold, a beefier intercooler, and a sportier exhaust set up, with reduced back pressure. The front wheel drive RCZ R also differs from the RCZ in its clutch, a revamped transmission and a limited slip diff. by Torsen.

So despite the familiar nomenclature and outward appearance, under the skin the RCZ R is a very different beast from the road going RCZ. The result is a 0-62mph speed of 5.9 seconds versus the original car's 7.6 seconds. The difference between the two vehicles is particularly noticeable in the wet, where the racier car's new braking and suspension set up is obvious in the extra traction.

Apparently, the race team could have prodded 300bhp out of the engine but have gone for the more conservative 266bhp in the interests of reliability and will be transferring some of the experience gained on this project to the RCZ race car. The R will be produced on the same factory line as the standard RCZ but, to maintain that reliability, will be subject to a 12,000 mile service interval rather than the junior model's 18,000 miles.

Surprisingly, the more powerful car is also the more efficient of the two. 44.8mpg and 145g/km of CO2 make it Euro VI compliant, versus the RCZ's 42.1mpg and 155g/km in emissions. These savings have been achieved as a result of a 17kg weight saving and updated gear ratios.

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