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Peugeot in Some Deep Trouble!

By raccars Published

PSA – Peugeot-Citroen looks to be in some serious trouble as the company has announced its making huge losses and could have to shut down one of its plants in France. According to the French giant, it’s losing £90 million per month and one of its biggest plants near Paris could well be on its way to closure.

The job losses could hit 8,000 people, but with Peugeot going through a ridiculous £150 million per month, it seems the losses could be inevitable. It’s a real shame for the French company, who are clearly struggling in a tougher financial climate, but will they be able to bounce back with new cars like the 208?

It seems as though Peugeot is choosing job losses rather than all-out bankruptcy – which would be catastrophic for everyone involved.

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