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Origami version of Nissan Juke celebrates 700,000 sales

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Nissan has sold over 700,000 Jukes and to celebrate it has built a replica of this compact SUV crossover entirely out of paper.

For the past half-decade the Nissan Juke has been a huge hit, both in the UK and internationally. And this month the Japanese manufacturer marked the fact that more than 700,000 units have now been sold world-wide by teaming up with an artist to create a rather special origami sculpture, replicating the unique look of this best-selling mini SUV.

The success of the Juke is not only good for Nissan, but also for the UK because it is built at a factory in Sunderland. This is something that Nissan wanted to represent with the creation of this paper replica, which it has said is intended to reflect the thousands of employees and the hundreds of thousands of owners who have helped to make this car so special over the past five years.

The Juke is not only built in the UK at the moment, but will continue to emerge from its Sunderland factory when it arrives in its second generation form in 2018, according to AutoExpress. With Nissan spending £100 million to manufacture the car here in the UK, the economic benefits will continue to be felt in the North East for the foreseeable future.

Intriguing artistic expression

The creation of the origami Juke adaptation is not just relevant to passing of another sales milestone for the range, but also helps Nissan to link back to its Japanese roots. The art of paper folding is celebrated on November 11th with World Origami Day being recognised around the globe. This artistic commission is sure to garner plenty of attention thanks to the timing of its unveiling.

Owen Gildersleeve is the artist recruited by Nissan to make the Nissan Juke origami sculpture. He spent over 200 hours of his time working solely with folded paper in order to create an eye-catching and surprisingly accurate imitation of the Juke. In total there are more than 2000 separate paper sheets combined to construct this sculpture, with different coloured pieces of paper being used to give it a bright orange paint job as well as lights, wing mirrors and even a number plate.

The sculpture is not a smaller scale replica of the Juke, but rather a full sized recreation that matches its driveable equivalent almost exactly, albeit with a polygonal look that suggests it has jumped straight out of a 20 year old game for the original PlayStation.

Juke’s future

The past successes of the Juke are still a source of pride for Nissan and there is little doubt that its unique aesthetic styling on the outside has helped to make it popular in the UK since its 2010 debut. And now big things are expected of its second generation update. Details are currently being kept under wraps during development but there are expectations that they may be revealed in 2016 or 2017 ahead of a 2018 release.

The Juke is of course not the only Nissan SUV that has consistently been a top seller in the UK, with the larger Qashqai also winning over drivers and delighting critics alike. But this on-going success does mean that expectations for the new Juke will be high. Minor updates to the range since its launch have left the exterior design largely intact and fans will be hoping that its successor is just as iconic, and perhaps just as easy to recreate using nothing but paper for any of Nissan’s future sales celebrations.

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