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One in Ten Young Men Have Driven Stoned

By raccars Published

New research carried out by the IAM has shown that one in ten young men have, at some point, driven a car while stoned off cannabis. The shocking report is a sobering thought for the motorists of the UK, as clearly driving while under the influence of any drug is ridiculous and dangerous.

Speaking about potential new laws regarding drug-driving and how easily the police can detect drug drivers, the IAM's Simon Best said: "Any new equipment that will allow police to make quick and accurate decisions at the roadside or at the police station on drivers who are impaired by drugs is great. In this way traffic officers can get back out onto the frontline of roads policing, where their impact is highest.

"But the introduction of a drugalyser type test needs to be backed up by some measure of impairment. Without this, the test could simply catch those people who have used drugs at some point, but are not necessarily still impaired by them."

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