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Oldest Vauxhall up for Sale

By raccars Published

The oldest surviving Vauxhall is going up for sale at auction next week and, well, just look at it – how could you not want that? Imagine driving down the M6 in that bad-boy as unsuspecting chavs in 1994 Corsa's drive past you astonished.

It’s a 1903 Vauxhall 5hp Two-seater Light Car – nice name – and it looks every bit the vintage motor. The classic is expected to shift for around £60,000 to £80,000, which is a lot considering this car pre-dates WW1.

Thankfully, all original files are intact and, with that lovely white paint job, you’ll definitely look like the man rolling down your local street.

If you’re interested, contact auction firm Bonhams – we’re sure they’ll be more than happy to give you more information.

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