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New York is open

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The New York Motor Show has opened its doors to the public, with some major new releases and intriguing concepts available to view until 27 April. Show highlights already include the Land Rover Discovery Vision concept, the new Subaru Outback SUV and BMW's mighty M4 Convertible.

Subaru Outback It's not due to reach the UK until next year, but Subaru's next generation Outback will go on sale in the US this summer. The brand's flagship model is being marketed as a crossover rather than a full blown SUV - apparently it boasts sports utility capability but handles like a car. Details on powertrains and specifications have not yet been released. Pricing also has yet to be revealed but expect the new Outback to start at about £30,000 in the UK.

Mazda MX-5 A production prototype is a way off yet, but Mazda has chosen to titillate show visitors with a display of the futuristic new SkyActiv chassis that will underpin the roadster. The engine will be sited to the rear of the front axle to centralise the weight balance as much as possible and lower the centre of gravity. The result should be even better handling than previous versions of the MX-5.

The platform is supposed to be lighter but stronger and more rigid than older versions, which should improve fuel economy on the finished vehicle.

If you can't wait for the next one or are rather attached to the current MX-5, Mazda has announced a special final edition, marking the 25th anniversary of the car. It will be a version of the 2.0 litre Roadster Coupe, with 158bhp, a six speed manual or automatic transmission and only available in the Soul Red Metallic colourway.

BMW X4 The X4 was introduced last month but this is its first personal appearance at a show. It's available to buy from July with prices starting at £36,590 for an entry level xDrive20d model. A six speed manual transmission and all wheel drive are standard features, with an eight speed automatic gearbox available as an option. Initially, the engine range will be restricted to diesels.

The X4 shares the X3's chassis but it is slightly larger and lower than the car it is based upon. It's also sportier looking, with a coupe-esque silhouette, bigger air intakes and fog lights integrated into the front bumper.

Also worth a look are the sexy Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe and AMG GT, revealed only as a drawing silhouetted upon the stand's backdrop...

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