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New Toyota GT86 should arrive within three years

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Toyota GT86

Toyota confirms second-gen plans for the GT86 sports car and hopes for continued Subaru input.

Toyota has confirmed that it will make a second-generation GT86 sports car and that this is likely to make an appearance on the market sometime between 2018 and 2019. However, there is much to do in terms of producing the new model, as a chief engineer has yet to be assigned to the project.

Karl Schlicht, the executive vice president of Toyota Motor Europe, said that decisions are currently being made in relation to the next GT86, after which the manufacturer will assign a chief engineer and the project will be taken forward.

The Toyota GT86 ‘will carry on’

The rear-wheel-drive 197bhp GT86 has become a popular car for driving enthusiasts but, as with most sports cars, its sales have subsided despite a strong start. Schlicht has pledged that the model ‘will carry on’, however, adding that the car has ‘a big purpose’. He said that Toyota had no intention of getting out of the sports car business, claiming that all cars in the sector go through phases in terms of their popularity. It seems likely that Toyota’s co-operation with Subaru will also continue, although this has yet to be confirmed.

Schlicht said that there were numerous reasons as to why a continued collaboration with Subaru would be the best idea, indicating that it was necessary if the concept is to carry on with its current engine configuration. This is because a key engineering feature is the GT86’s low-slung flat four Subaru engine, which means that the centre of gravity is kept low to allow for optimum handling.

However, Schlicht suggested that it was unlikely that there would be a GT86 soft-top. He said that this didn’t mean that dealers wouldn’t like to see one, just that Toyota would not have the capacity to create one when it has ‘many other priorities’.

The new Toyota GT86 will be positioned below the Supra in the brand’s line-up of sports cars. The larger coupe is now in the midst of the development process with BMW and the German version will take the place of the Z4 roadster. Schlicht said that the collaboration with BMW on the project is going well and is ‘on track’. He added that Toyota’s version will be very different to that offered by BMW.

More on the Supra

The new Toyota Supra is in the final development phase and will form the foundation of a performance sub-brand for Toyota. It is being created as part of a joint engineering project with the future BMW Z5.

The project will see the resurrection of the Toyota performance model after an absence of 14 years. It was first introduced in 1978 and the up-coming car will be the fifth-generation of the model.

The new Toyota Supra should reach British showrooms in the latter part of 2018 and buyers will have the choice of a petrol and electric hybrid or a traditional petrol unit. The hybrid variant is believed to make use of processes and technology that were developed for the brand's Le Mans TS050 LMP1 race car.

The Supra will only be available as a coupe with a fixed roof, whilst the Z5 will have a roadster-only style and will be a replacement for BMW’s discontinued Z4. This is designed to avoid any sales overlaps between different brand variants.

The starting point of the collaboration between Toyota and BMW is a new BMW-engineered platform, which can support four-wheel- and rear-wheel-drive. Toyota, meanwhile, has bought extensive hybrid knowledge to the project and each model will have its own specifically tuned hybrid drive train.

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