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New Renault Espace On The Way

By raccars Published

Back in the day, the Renault Espace set the benchmark for MPVs and helped to spawn a whole new, extremely successful market segment. However the current edition has been with us since 2003 and is more than due for an update. At the same time, the auto market has undergone some fairly dramatic changes since the original idea for the Espace was conceived. Fortunately, this hasn't escaped the creative minds in Renault's development section, who have announced that the new Espace will be radically redesigned, to move with the times and contribute to a wider overhaul of the brand's design language.

We'll see the results later this year as a concept, but the car's design team has already hinted that it is looking more to a crossover type vehicle than the standard, original MPV and that aesthetics are key. As the brand's flagship vehicle, the new Espace will also debut the upcoming new Renault/Nissan platform architecture, that will also form the basis for the next Laguna, called CFM1.

The Renault Espace will also mark the closure of brand designer, Van den Acker's, 'Circle of Life' series of concept cars, which was opened by the Renault DeZir. This sixth vehicle in the circle will come in purple, a colour missing from the concept group's line up so far. After the Twin'Run as the smallest concept of the bunch, it is fitting that the Espace, as the largest, should finish the cycle.

The series of concepts was conceived to completely renew Renault's design language and brand image, hitting the Clio and Captur models initially and touching on the whole range. Renault hopes to imbue a little bit of French chic into its line up and give it a very recognisable, brand consistent look. The line refreshments are particularly important to avoid brand image dilution by Renault's budget arm, Dacia.

Van den Acker has also shown caution towards the retro trend in auto design, separating Renault from the herd with a futuristic design philosophy, rather than harking back to past glories. A novelty retro concept is a possibility down the line, but Renault's design chief is keen to solidify a strong, modern range of base units first.

Renault now has six cars spanning the gamut of model specifications – the Twin'Run, the Clio, Megane, Laguna, Captur and soon the Espace replacement, fulfilling its desire to be a generalist brand with a vehicle to fit every customer's requirement.

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