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New Range Rover Sport Against Teutonic Rivals

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The new Range Rover Sport was unveiled last week in a publicity extravaganza. A shower of celebrity-soaked events in New York were accompanied by a mini-movie, meaning anyone with the slightest interest in the auto industry cannot have missed its arrival, even they'd tried. Land Rover obviously has big plans for its Range Rover brand, with the new Sport, the Evoque and talk of specially tuned Range Rover editions from Jaguar's dedicated unit.

While the new Sport has been carefully planned, stylish and lighter and more efficient than the outgoing model, the luxury SUV market is already fairly well populated with quality rivals, most of them from the big German manufacturers. If you're looking for that kind of car, what other options should you consider before possibly settling on the RR Sport?


This popular SUV has secured a strong place for itself within its class. Nimble road performance is combined with serious mud-plugging proficiency in a powerful, yet efficient, package. It is cheaper to buy than the new RR Sport and comes with those useful seven seats in a roomy and well-furnished cabin. It's a pretty tough candidate to beat but perhaps lacks the cool factor that the Range Rover has in spades.


This outsize coupe-style option throws aside the traditional seven-seater SUV pattern in favour of four seats and sporty looks. What it lacks in size and practicality it makes up for in driving experience and like its BMW X5 sibling, it is cheaper than the Range Rover.

Audi Q7

The Audi SUV may be well-thought of by devotees of the brand, but on the road it lacks sparkle. It is large and handles reasonably well but is let down by thoughtless touches, such as third row seating that can only comfortably be used by small children, poor road manners at low speeds, a badly planned interior and limited visibility, which makes parking extremely difficult in a vehicle of this size. File under 'could do better.'

Porche Cayenne

Like the new Range Rover Sport, the Porsche Cayenne is prized for its superlative blacktop behaviour. It is refined, powerful and the best handling car of the bunch. While it is capable off-road, it is clearly aimed at posers rather than true adventure-seekers and is limited to five seats rather than the useful seven-seat capacity offered by a number of its rivals. However, it is a Porche and comes with all the quality and style you would expect from the marque.

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