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New Land Rover Discovery snapped

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Land Rover is set to unveil a new Discovery soon and the first images of this luxury SUV have emerged online.

Undercover off-roader

The Land Rover Discovery is soon going to be entering its fifth generation, with a brand new model being developed for release at some point in the next year or so. And the car seems to be shaping up nicely, according to images of a prototype snapped by AutoExpress whilst out on the road during testing in the UK.

While the new Discovery may have been partially camouflaged to prevent press shots from revealing too much about its body shape, the reality is that it looks very similar to an earlier concept car showcased back in 2014. So, in essence, it is expected to borrow a number of styling cues from the Evoque range, as well as the recently released Discovery Sport compact SUV.

The existing Discovery has been in need of an update for some time, since its styling has started to look a little dated in the wake of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)’s new arrivals. And so hopefully these spy snaps of the prototype are an indication that it is going to be ready for launch some time in the second half of next year.

Weight watchers

The Land Rover Discovery is a large and luxurious SUV, but one which still manages to perform impeccably when owners do decide to take it off the beaten track and attempt some tricky manoeuvres on off-road surfaces. But because the current generation model was designed at a time before the drive for truly green motoring had gained mainstream attention, it represents 2.6 tonnes of imposing and faintly old fashioned automotive muscle. And it is arguable that such a hefty car looks out of place on the roads of today.

Observers are expecting that the new Discovery will be quite a bit lighter than its predecessor, since JLR’s engineers have been performing the same type of weight reduction on other new models. Even the Range Rover has been on a diet, managing to save almost half a tonne in its latest iteration when compared with the previous model. And if the Discovery follows suit then it could be far more fuel-efficient than its rather solid forebears.

It was reported that the prototype caught on camera this month came with a 3.0 litre V6 engine under the bonnet, with observers expecting this to be the most popular choice with buyers once it goes on sale. Since this power plant comes with a supercharger and can be found on board other JLR current models, it should be a potent update to the range whilst nevertheless managing to squeeze a few more miles to the gallon out of a full tank. Diesel engines will also be offered, although the precise specifications are a long way from being confirmed.

Technological Discovery

The Discovery is not quite as well equipped as the group's flagship Range Rover, but that doesn't mean that the new model will be lacking in the tech department. The latest array of sensors and electronic systems will mean that it should be able to provide improved safety features such as automatic braking and other important driver assists, perhaps stopping a little short of enabling full autonomy. It will almost certainly follow JLR’s strategy in offering impressive on-board entertainment options.

The fifth generation of the Land Rover Discovery is only just being spotted in public and JLR will no doubt spend the next few months further refining it before its much-anticipated launch later in 2016.

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