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New Lamborghini Egoista Concept

By raccars Published

With its recent releases growing progressively more outlandish in appearance, Lamborghini has gone a step further down the road from sublime to ridiculous, with its latest concept car, the Egoista. The one-seater sports car is the ultimate in exclusivity – Lamborghini claims it will never be driven.

Created as part of the brand's extensive programme of 50th anniversary celebrations and taking inspiration from the Apache helicopter, the Egoista (Italian for 'selfish'), has an ultra-lightweight aluminium and carbon fibre frame resembling that of Formula One race cars. Also akin to F1, the Egoista is not made to carry passengers, with the only seat available reserved for the driver. Its cabin is similarly claustrophobic, compelling the driver to remove the steering wheel, lift the roof and climb delicately over carefully prescribed sections of bodywork, to avoid crushing the carbon fibre frame elements. The bodywork is punctuated by airliner style markings, showing which areas are capable of bearing weight to accomplish ingress and egress.

The Egoista's design is inspired by the company's raging bull icon, resembling a "bull preparing to charge, its horns lowered", with a sharp, low profile to maximise downforce and including a series of flaps that activate according to the car's stability needs. The engine bay is visible to display the car's awesome mechanics, which also acts to reduce weight and create an air of power. Headlights appear to have been deemed unnecessary in a car not destined to be driven and instead, the Egoista has LED clearance lights to the front, rear and roof, to demonstrate a three dimensional outline and a pair of xenon bulbs hidden behind the front air intakes.

The dashboard is minimal, with the important driving data, such as speed and fuel levels, shown on a jet fighter style head-up display. An engine seems somewhat redundant in a car not meant to be driven but the Egoista can lay claim to a rear-mounted 5.2 litre V10 unit with a power output of 592bhp. The rising orange-coloured roof or shield is made from anti-glare glass and carries the same anti-radar properties as the rest of the bodywork. It comes as part of a fully removable cockpit unit, which Lamborghini claims, among other rather pretentious marketing guff, the driver can use as "a sort of survival cell, allowing the driver to isolate and protect themselves from external elements". Apparently, the Egoista cockpit resembles that of a jet aircraft which has been applied to a roadgoing vehicle, "to provide a different travel option".

Selfish or just rather pointless?

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