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New entry level McLaren debuting in Geneva

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The new entry level McLaren 570GT will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show. What can we expect?

The 570GT is part of the Sport Series from McLaren and is designed to be more luxurious, more comfortable and more usable on an everyday basis than the average McLaren sports car. The new model goes with the more sports-focused 540C and the 570S in the Sport Series and prices start at £154,000.

From coupe to Grand Tourer

The front looks identical but at the back a number of changes have taken place to turn the 570S coupe model into the GT. The coupe's racy carbon fibre rear end now features a curved rear window in the style of the P1, which can be opened sideways to show a 220 litre luggage area lined with leather.

This goes with 130 litres of luggage space at the front end, offering a combined 350 litres. Believe it or not, that means you can put more luggage into the McLaren than you can a Ford Focus hatchback! Behind that there's a new rear spoiler, taller than those seen on the other Sport Series models.

Comfort and convenience

The cabin benefits from a panoramic tinted glass roof and leather seats, while the dihedral doors use a soft close mechanism. The glass roof is insulated against noise and coated with a solar radiation absorbing layer to avoid turning the 570GT into a greenhouse on wheels.

Eagle eyes will notice that the GT looks slightly smarter than its sibling from the inside, as befits its Grand Tourer status. Customers can choose between two interior trim levels: Sport or Luxury. There are plenty of comfort and convenience features on board the 570GT, including heated seats which can be electrically adjusted, as can the steering column. While these types of gadgets are standard on most luxury cars they are usually discarded on sports car in the interests of weight saving.

The GT shares the 570S's mechanicals, meaning a twin turbo 3.8 litre V8 producing 562bhp and a dual clutch seven speed gearbox. Drivers can still choose between three different set-ups for the adaptive suspension: Normal, Track and Sport. However the addition of the glass panels at the back make the GT heavier and a little slower than the coupe. However, at 3.5 seconds to 62mph it's no slouch! A top speed of 204mph matches the 570S.

A more restrained exhaust sound comes from using the 540C's set-up and, with softened dampers, makes the 570GT more practical and comfortable for everyday use. While the coupe uses carbon ceramic brakes, the GT has steel discs instead.

Road noise is further minimised by unique Pirelli P Zero tyres, made from a special compound to ensure quiet running. They are fitted to bespoke 15 spoke alloys, 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the back. The 570GT has been designed with road use in mind from the start, adding luxury without losing the characteristic McLaren performance.

McLaren plans to expand

McLaren intends to extend the Sport Series with a 570 Spider next year, as part of its plan to double sales. The 570GT will be tasked with taking up 25 per cent of sales within the Sport Series range. The company is targeting a production volume of 4,000 units annually from 2017-2019.

Some 3,000 McLarens are expected to leave the factory this year, of which two thirds are expected to be Sport Series models. Above the Sport Series sits the Super Series, comprising the 650S range, while the P1 range topper forms the Ultimate Series.

The first customers will be receiving their 570GTs at the end of 2016.

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