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New electric VW Golf takes centre stage

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VW e-Golf shown off as Volkswagen moves on from emissions scandal with a range-extended model.

LA was the location for the grand reveal of Volkswagen’s electric model, the new e-Golf. The new VW offers more equipment, more power and more range, and has been given an updated appearance to match the new VW Golf range.

The exterior updates include a stripe running over the front end to the car’s LED headlights and the front bumper is now adorned with a set of daytime running lights in the shape of a C. There is also a new design for the rear bumper, together with animated indicator lights, new brake lights and LED taillights.

One of the major selling points of the new e-Golf is likely to be the fact that it looks like a true VW Golf rather than a typical EV, allowing drivers to enjoy the benefits of an electric car without having to leave traditional design cues behind.

Range-boosted VW e-Golf

VW claims that the new e-Golf can manage as much as 186 miles on a single charge; an increase of around 50 per cent. Its power has also increased by around 20bhp to reach 134bhp. Torque also goes up, enabling the e-Golf to boast 9.6-second 0-62mph acceleration.

Despite it gaining power, VW claims that the e-Golf’s power consumption has not increased. A larger battery enables it to go further after a single charge.

In addition to other updates revealed recently as part of the unveiling of a new Golf range, the VW e-Golf will also benefit from a completely digital instrument display, together with infotainment gesture control.

The e-Golf and the rest of VW’s new Golf range are the first cars in their category to offer gesture control as a standard feature. Similar to the system offered as an extra with the luxury BMW 7-Series, the new Golf's infotainment features can be controlled using the wave of a hand and wipes can navigate through the menus, as well as changing radio stations and browsing individual music libraries.

The system is controlled using the huge standard 9.2-inch touchscreen and there is further 12.3-inch screen which sits behind the car’s steering wheel, offering a customisable interface instead of the usual analogue dials.

The e-Golf will get online ‘e-remote’ services as standard, allowing its owners to set their air-con remotely. They will also be able to stop and start electric charging using the technology. Smartphone applications for both Android and iOS will allow e-Golf users to check the car’s battery levels.

In terms of safety systems, the new VW e-Golf gets emergency assist, forward pedestrian monitoring and traffic jam assist. The car is set to be available to buy at the start of next year. It is likely to be priced from about £32,000 but will also benefit from a plug-in grant from the Government.

VW moves forward

Some analysts believe that the new e-Golf’s appearance at this year’s LA Motor Show signals VW’s attempts to make amends as the emissions scandal remains in the public consciousness. It is also being heralded as an option for drivers who want to buy an electric car which doesn’t actually look like one.

The brand says the e-Golf’s larger battery can achieve an 80 per cent charge in around an hour using one of the public high-speed chargers which are now available. At home, the car can go from completely empty to fully-charged in six hours. This means that overnight charging is a realistic option for owners of the new VW e-Golf.

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