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New Chinese Brand Aims to Launch Into Europe Next Year

By raccars Published

Qoros Auto Co. Ltd, a new independent car manufacturer based in China, will debut at next year's Geneva Motor Show.

The first model to be unveiled will be an elegantly proportioned compact four-door sedan, designed to high European standards to entice discerning young buyers across Europe and China. After which, a new model will be unveiled every six months.

Before discarding this as media hype, major market leaders have shown their presence in the new brand. Companies include the likes of: Microsoft, Magna Steyr, Valeo, Continental and Bosch.

Qoros, created in 2007 through a partnership between Chery Automobile and Israel Corporation, promises a strong commitment to product and service quality. Indeed, the company also promises safety standards which will award top marks from Euro NCAP.

Should these promises materialise, this could well prove to be the first Chinese car manufacturer which proves desirable in Europe. Due to China's poor reputation in automotive design and safety, the new brand will surely face mild difficulties at first. Even if the Qoros lives up to the hype.

Story by: Mike Armstrong

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