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New cars achieve five star Euro NCAP safety rating

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Pleasing results from Euro NCAP show that a number of new cars making their way to market have achieved five star safety ratings.

Safety features are arguably the most important asset of any car, whether new or used. And for almost 20 years the Euro NCAP programme has given buyers in the UK a quick and simple indication as to the safety of competing vehicles. However, many people may not realise that the five star rating system developed for the programme is just a small part of the information which it provides on the cars tested.

Details of the test results for a number of new car models have been published in the past week, with full five star ratings achieved by vehicles from Audi and Honda. So anyone who is thinking of buying a new car may wish to consider waiting to see how a prospective model performs when its safety features are put to the test by NCAP.

Five stars for the Audi A4

The new Audi A4 has been available to buy in the UK for just over a week and any motorists who snapped up this compact executive saloon will be pleased to hear that it has been awarded top marks by Euro NCAP, with an overall safety rating for adult occupants of 90 per cent. Child passenger safety is rated only marginally lower at 87 per cent, according to AutoCar.

The new A4 doesn't fare quite as well when it comes to pedestrian safety features, scoring 75 per cent in the independent tests. It was also awarded 75 per cent for the number of driver assists which are included, suggesting that it is above average but not quite at the top of the class in this specific class of safety feature. This also emphasises the importance of looking a little deeper than the star rating alone, since Euro NCAP is committed to testing and documenting safety results in considerable detail and within a range of specific criteria.

The safety benefits of the A4 are also shared by its closest competitors, with the 3 Series from BMW and the C-Class from Mercedes both being five star Euro NCAP holders. And manufacturers are well aware as to how important it is for their vehicles to achieve the best possible score in order to avoid rivals taking the lead.

Honda’s five star double achievement

More five star accolades were handed down by Euro NCAP this month, with not one but two new cars from Honda securing the top tier rating. Both the compact yet practical Honda Jazz hatchback and the refreshed version of the HR-V SUV crossover were commended for their safety performance. And the Jazz in particular is receiving a great deal of attention because only one other supermini has ever been given five out of five by Euro NCAP’s testers in the past two decades.

As you would expect, larger cars tend to fare better than their compact counterparts in safety tests. With more bodywork and longer bonnets on offer, they are better placed to absorb the impacts created during the testing process. But Honda appears to have developed the Jazz in a notably safety-conscious manner which puts it on a par with far larger models.

Meanwhile the latest Euro NCAP results show that VW’s new Caddy people carrier is a four star rather than a five star option. It lost out as a result of its lack of lane assist, although testers noted that it does benefit from other assist features including automatic braking as standard.

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