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New BMW X2 set for Paris motor show debut

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The new BMW X2 should be on sale by the end of next year, essentially a sportier X1.

The new BMW X2 will be available to buy for around £30,000 by the end of next year. It is set to make its debut at the 2016 Paris motor show as a concept car with just a light veil to maintain the excitement.

A sporting new BMW

The new BMW X2, which should be on sale in the second half of 2017, will share a variety of parts with its stablemate, the second-generation BMW X1, but is believed to have a sportier character.

The idea seems to be that the BMW X1 will appeal to younger families, whilst the X2 will offer an option for young singles who want a car which is both practical and fun to drive.

The next BMW SUV

The X2 will be BMW’s sixth model in its SUV line-up and its second that is based on the UKL platform. This is the same structure underpinning the new Mini Countryman. This second-generation Mini is also set for a Paris motor show debut.

Prices for the new BMW X2 should start at around £30,000 and the German car giant expects it to take on the Range Rover Evoque and the new Audi Q2 when it enters the market, luring buyers from the ‘Instagram’ generation.

The new BMW X2 has been designed as a sportier X1 alternative in a similar vein to the way in which the X5’s performance potential is given a boost in the form of the X6 and the X4 offers a more dynamic alternative to the X3.

It is believed that the new BMW X2 will appeal to buyers who may once have chosen a sporting hatchback but who now prefer the added security offered by the high seating position in an SUV.

A ‘more adventurous’ look

Whilst the X1 is styled to look smart, the appearance of the new BMW X2 is said to be ‘more adventurous’, although the pair still share a great deal when it comes to their basic structure. Prototypes of the X2 which have been seen in testing showed the production car with a bluff front, heavily-profiled bonnet, and a large kidney-shaped grille.

These features are mostly shared with the X1 but despite both models being mechanically identical, the X2 has a lower roofline and a heavily raked windscreen to give its profile a rather more sporting look. The X2 looks set to have shapely front wings, a swage line down the flanks, and a rear hatchback-style tailgate with a rear window which opens separately to help with loading.

Inside, the cabin and dashboard is the same as in the second generation X1, although it is perhaps inevitably slightly less roomy as a result of the heavily angled tailgate and lower roofline.

New BMW engine options

Just as with the X1, the BMW X2 will offer a choice of four-cylinder, transversely-mounted diesel and petrol engines. The X2 xDrive20i with a turbocharged petrol engine is set for the launch line-up and should deliver 189bhp.

There will be three diesel options, all featuring the company’s widely-used 2.0-litre turbocharged diesel. These will be the X2 xDrive25d producing 227bhp; the X2 xDrive20d offering 187bhp; and the X2 xdrive18d producing 148bhp.

Six-speed manual transmission will come as standard and the option of a six-speed automatic gearbox. There will also be the choice of combining the X2 xDrive18d’s engine with either four- or rear-wheel only drive.

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