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New BMW hybrids destined for UK launch

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2016 will see the launch of a trio of new hybrid cars from German manufacturer BMW, with UK specs and pricing revealed.

Next year British car buyers will be able to invest in the growing range of BMW hybrid vehicles, with no less than three new models announced during the Frankfurt Motor Show earlier this month. And the German firm is arguably in a good position to bolster its existing eco-friendly selection of cars, particularly since some of these newcomers will be a little more attainable than their high end stable mates such as the BMW i8.

The first of the fresh hybrids is the 225xe Active Tourer, which is based upon the BMW 2 Series but benefits from the combination of an electric motor with its standard 1.5 litre petrol power plant. This hybrid power train should be highly efficient and the car also features plug-in charging capabilities, as featured on some of BMW’s sportier hybrids. As a result, it should be convenient to charge up at home or when parked at a compatible charging station.

Efficiency is not the only thing on offer from the 225xe Active Tourer, as it is also believed to deliver an impressive 221bhp thanks to petrol and electric energy sources joining forces. The range when running on electricity alone will only be 25 miles, but this is good for a hybrid car in the modern market and motorway driving can be handled by its traditional engine. This technology and power comes at a price, with UK buyers of this 2 Series hybrid having to find a minimum of £35,005 following its March 2016 release, according to What Car.

3 Series hybrid inbound

The second of the BMW hybrids announced this month was the 330e, based upon the popular 3 Series compact executive range. As with the 225xe, it will only be able to cover 25 miles when running on its batteries, but the use of the electric motor means that it has a fuel efficiency rating of 148 miles to the gallon. This is also achieved alongside minimal carbon emissions, which is a factor that an increasing percentage of modern motorists deem to be particularly important.

In terms of raw performance, the 330e will be able to develop a total of 248bhp when its electric motor and 2.0 litre turbocharged petrol engine are working in tandem. And it is interesting to see BMW pursuing the idea that hybrid cars should also be targeted at those who are interested in a sporty experience behind the wheel, rather than solely saving money on trips to the petrol station. With a UK price of £33,935 the 330e will actually be slightly more affordable than its 2 Series counterpart, with BMW promising that there will be more hybrid models on the horizon for those with smaller budgets.

7 Series hybrid brings range-topping features

BMW is not only fitting its compact ranges with hybrid power trains, as evidenced by the announcement of the 740e. With the high end executive styling of the 7 Series, this model will be borrowing the electric motor and 2.0 litre petrol engine from the hybrid version of the X5 SUV that the manufacturer has already launched. And in spite of its size and array of luxury features, the 740e will be able to deliver 134.5 miles to the gallon, according to BMW’s official figures.

Real world performance will of course vary and the 25 mile electric range promised for all three of these new BMW hybrids will differ depending on driving style. But the fact that more premium hybrids are on their way to market in the UK is sure to generate a positive reaction among buyers.

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