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MPVs For Multistoreys

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If your circumstances mean that an MPV is the most practical class of car for you, but you don't feel comfortable manoeuvring around in a tank, there are some compact but useful MPVs on the market that could solve your problem.

Ford B-Max

The B-Max is essentially a slightly broader, taller Fiesta. What makes it so practical outside its multistorey friendly footprint is a set of sliding rear doors and the removal of the B pillar, so access in and out of the rear is easy, even with boisterous kids in tow. Furthermore, the B-Max gets a bonus point for retaining some of the Fiesta's engaging drive.

Vauxhall Meriva

Vauxhall's small people carrier's USP is its rear hinged rear doors, a more unusual solution to the access problem but one welcomed by parents everywhere. Avoid entry level models and you'll find a number of neat touches to make this a really family friendly car. The Meriva is one of the larger cars on this list, but feels pretty nippy as long as you get a big enough engine.

Honda Jazz

Don't be put off by the Jazz's status a pensioners' favourite, as it offers some very clever engineering at a bargain price. Unfortunately, the Jazz lacks personality, but if you prioritise comfort and convenience over funky design and high performance, it's perfect. Badge snobs are missing out on an extremely well built and practical little car.

Mercedes B-Class

The new generation of B-Class is a far more impressive prospect than its predecessor but is a little more expensive than other small MPVs. The cabin features the characteristic Mercedes premium quality and feels spacious and airy. It's better looking than most cars in its class and is actually rather pleasant to drive. Go for a diesel if you like a bit more torque to play with.

Citroen C3 Picasso

No-one really buys an MPV for its design credentials so Citroen has decided to go for fun instead. This one is distinctly van based and acts really well as a roomy family car, while taking up no more space than a supermini. Its boxy looks are softened by some chunky bodykit and while it's not traditionally handsome, the C3 Picasso has a fair amount of charm to it. The ride is pretty smooth but the gearbox less so, and a less than comfortable driving position is mitigated by great visibility.

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