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Most expensive optional extras on cars

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Optional extras on cars can see the cost shoot up, however some of the more indulgent optional extras can cost as much as a house...

Bentley Bentayga

Bentley has made no secret of the fact that it intends to make its first SUV the most luxurious car in its class, and despite a starting price of around £154,000, the Bentayga order books were apparently full even before the final production version was revealed. The initial 608 unit production run of the First Edition model includes a Breitling watch costing from £6,600-£14,000.

Bentley has now introduced a Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon dashboard clock to the optional extras list at a cost of about £155,000. That makes it most expensive vehicle clock in the world and more than the cost of the base model Bentayga! Only four of the timepieces are produced per year, with a solid gold body and diamond hour markers. You'll never have an excuse to be late again.

Rolls-Royce optional extras

The list is long and expensive, but here are a couple of favourites:

The famous Spirit of Ecstasy Rolls-Royce mascot is available in a number of finishes, including solid silver for £4,300 and 24 carat gold plated at a cost of nearly £7,000. You can also choose to have your flying lady illuminated from beneath for £2,600, or go for the polycarbonate LED lit version for £5,200. In the wrong light it could look like a boy racer's dodgy body kit but could make an unusual gift if you've run out of Christmas present ideas.

Similarly, the starlight headliner option is ideal for magpies, with 1,340 glittery fibre optic 'stars' embedded into the leather headlining of the Wraith, or 1,600 in the larger Phantom model. To create the effect of a night sky within your Roller costs about £8,500. You can even request your stars to be positioned to replicate specific constellations to mark a special date.

Lamborghini Aventador

If you have concerns as to the reliability of your £266,000 Italian supercar, you can choose to extend the standard three year warranty to a fourth year for £7,700, and a fifth year for £15,000. Of course for this price you could also consider forgoing the warranty and buying a brand new Fiesta instead. However, given the potential cost of Lambo repairs, the warranty starts to look like a bargain.

Aston Martin

Among the cost options available with an Aston Martin Rapide or a DB9 is a transponder watch, the Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX3. If you simply can't be bothered with the cumbersome task of pressing a button on a key fob to lock and unlock your car doors, £19,500 will buy you a high end timepiece which can also lock and unlock your Aston within a certain proximity. Hopefully it will also keep good time.

Porsche Panamera

A leather interior is considered pretty standard in any high end vehicle, but the German manufacturer has decided to take its leathering to a new level. You can choose to have pretty much any interior surface of the Porsche Panamera leathered up, such as the slats on the air vents, the sun visors and even the door sills, at a cost of £1,600, £490 and £1,937 respectively. The list of leather options goes on to include the fuse box cover, the coat hooks, steering columns. It's probably a car to avoid if you're a vegan.

Mercedes-Maybach S600 Pullman

This £126,000 limo comes with a fabulous options list, including an integrated refrigerator, capable of housing two bottles of champagne at a cost of £730, and a couple of silver flutes out of which to sup said champagne - a mere trifle at £2,122! You can also choose to dump the centre row of seats in favour of the Executive Rear Seat; a cosseting experience for two with acres of legroom and including electric footrests and throw cushions. The cost of making a car interior more spacious than the average double bedroom is a relatively affordable £1,295.

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