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Most Expensive Number Plates In The UK

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A personalised number plate is seen as a dubious accessory, super cool in some eyes and completely naff in others. Either way, the DVLA does very well out of the sale of personalised plates and has, allegedly, raised £2 billion over the last 25 years from number plate auctions.

There's nothing inherently valuable about a number plate, until one or more people want it, at which point hearts overrule heads and price wars can break out. Some people even make a living trading licence plates, showing just how much UK car owners love their personalised plates.

Here's how much you could pay for a personalised number plate...


This was how much John Collins, a Ferrari dealer, paid for the number plate '25 O' in 2014, making it the most expensive licence plate ever sold in the UK. '25 O' allegedly now sits on a Ferrari 250SWB, which was formerly owned by Eric Clapton and is said to be worth about £10 million.


The previous most expensive plate was 'F 1', bought in 2008 by Afzal Khan, a businessman from Bradford. He used the plate on his McLaren-Mercedes SLR.


This was the sum paid for 'S 1', allegedly the first ever Scottish licence plate. An anonymous bidder bought it in 2008 and, supposedly, it is now used by an old Skoda.


The '1 D' number plate would probably be worth a lot more now, to One Direction fans at least, but a Lebanese businessman, named Nabil Bishara, paid £352,000 for it a year before the group formed.


Mobile phone executive, Mike McCoomb, apparently paid this for the number plate 'M 1' in 2006 and gave it to his son - who was 10 years old at the time.


Currently, the property of Chelsea FC owner, billionaire Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich, the plate 'VIP 1' was once used by the Popemobile during the Pontiff's visit to Ireland.

£254,000 '51 NGH', seen to represent the popular Sikh name 'Singh', was bought for this amount in 2006.


A businessman named Robert Harverson was determined to get his hands on the number plate '1 RH', paying 30 times the estimated sale price for it in 2006.


'K1 NGS' was appropriately acquired in 1993 by an Arab Sultan.


A large amount for a very basic plate - '1 0', which was sold in Northamptonshire in 2009.

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