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Most Common Cars In Britain

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That's common as in numerous, rather than vulgar. According to DVLA registration data, these are the cars you will see every time you leave your house, in every single car park and every used car forecourt. That's not necessarily a bad thing, by the way, because people don't carry on buying cars which are rubbish. Such ubiquitousness means you should have no trouble finding a decent model from a wide supply of used examples.

Ford Focus: 1,483,000

Since 2008, only a decade after its launch, the Focus has been Britain's most prolific car. It triumphs over the Fiesta only because so many earlier models of the smaller car have been sent for scrap.

Ford Fiesta: 1,454,000

Surprisingly, Britain's best selling car ever is only its second most popular overall, since the Focus took the top spot in 2008. Around since 1976 and now selling better than ever, you could probably bet your life savings upon the Fiesta taking the top spot within a few years.

Vauxhall Corsa: 1,205,000

Like the two Fords, the Corsa has been hanging around the monthly best seller lists since its arrival on the scene in 1993, so it was obviously going to be fairly high up on this list.

Vauxhall Astra: 1,170,000

There have been a million plus Astras in circulation constantly since 1997. Sales have slowed in recent years but a new model is due to reach forecourts later in the year and is likely to have a galvanising effect.

Volkswagen Golf: 1,020,000

The Golf is one of the most popular cars, not just in the UK but in the world, and was the first car on this list to reach circulation of a million models. It's been around for 41 years now and just goes from strength to strength.

BMW 3 Series: 660,000

The 3 Series reaches a landmark birthday this year, having been launched in 1975. It is the most popular premium brand car in the UK and, thanks to its ability to shake off the shackles of age, is one of those cars you'll see everywhere.

Volkswagen Polo: 610,000

Launched at the same time as the BMW, the Polo is a lesson in German efficiency and build quality. The Polo is currently at its most popular ever, with more of them on the road now than ever before.

Renault Clio: 610,000

Thanks largely to those sexy 'Nicole' adverts, the Clio was for a while phenomenally successful in the UK. Its star may have dimmed somewhat in recent years, but there are still as many on the road as the VW Polo, launched 15 years earlier.

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