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Monday 5th January Peak Time For Breakdowns

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Motoring organisations are warning drivers to make sure their cars are ready for a return to work on Monday, which is apparently one of the busiest days for break downs over the whole year.

Rescue organisations are planning to have extra staff on duty to cope with the increase in break downs on Monday, as vehicles struggle to cope with the cold weather and with having been unused over the Christmas holidays. Break down related call outs are expected to rise by about 30% on Monday, with Monday 29 December having also proved a busy day for roadside rescue organisations.

Cold weather is said to have accounted for a large number of the extra break downs on Monday 29 December, and while temperatures are expected to be somewhat warmer next week, it will still be frosty enough to have an impact upon vehicles, on a day when a number of people will be returning to work. However, the biggest cause of break downs at this time of year is cars which have been sitting idle over the Christmas holiday period. More than a third of households admit to leaving one car completely unused over the Christmas break.

The result is that many of these vehicles are unprepared when owners go to use them again after more than a week sitting idle. Flat batteries are the most common problem resulting from the lack of use, particularly at a time when the cold temperatures mean batteries have to work harder than usual.

Those who hope to use a car on Monday which has not been used for some time are advised to start it up and drive for at least half an hour over the weekend, to restore battery power before Monday morning. If you're struggling to get the car going, make sure all electrics are switched off before you turn the key - that means car stereo systems, lights, heating and air conditioning systems etc. - and try dipping the clutch. If the engine is still reluctant to fire, go for a start in five second stretches, then allow 30 seconds between each attempt to give the battery a little time to recover.

Once you have got the car started, make sure you keep it going for at least 30 minutes, even if you only need to make a short journey, to help the battery recharge.

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