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Mitsubishi Has Big Plans For Tokyo

By raccars Published

After a fairly low key appearance at Frankfurt, it seems Mitsubishi has been storing it all up for next month's Tokyo Motor Show. The company has promised three new concept cars for the November event, in the form of an SUV, a compact SUV and a compact MPV. The cars are said to preview the brand's future design language.

The trio of concepts will be showcasing Mitsubishi's latest pioneering powertrains, featuring a plug in hybrid electric engine and a simplified version of a direct injection turbo unit. The new systems are the result of the Mitsubishi Drive@earth programme, working to minimise the automotive industry's effect upon the environment.

Mitsubishi has so far only released a few teaser shots, that don't give much away. The three vehicles have a common front end with chunky grille, a long, slim headlight profile and low set air intakes. The largest of the three, the GC-PHEV SUV is said to use a high output powertrain, although Mitsubishi has revealed very little else. The GC designation apparently refers to 'Grand Cruiser.'

What we do know is that the GC-PHEV will have a Super All Wheel Control electronic all wheel drive set up, for stability and agility, even on unforgiving surfaces. Mitsubishi also plan to be generous with modern, active safety features and Wi-Fi internet access. Consider this a teaser for what to expect from the next generation Shogun.

The XR-PHEV junior SUV, XR meaning crossover, is powered by a similar plug-in hybrid set up and appears to be a sleeker, sportier version of the larger car.

The final car of the group is called the AR, which stands for Active Runabout and allegedly offers the capacity of an MPV and the agility of an SUV. Its powertrain comprises a very modern, clean and green petrol turbo unit and the spacious cabin can hold seven. The interior of this vehicle has been designed to feel particularly comfortable and cosseting. The AR would be Mitsubishi's first MPV since the demise of the Grandis in 2011, should it receive the green light for production.

The photos seen so far are of sketches and are suitably moody and mysterious, designed to whet appetites. However a Range Rover influence can be discerned and while some of the more dramatic design flourishes are clearly for concept purposes, the trio does look as if it could make production without too much dilution.

After a brief tease this week, Mitsubishi will release more details as the cars' public debuts approach.

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