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Mia Electric Coming to The UK

By raccars Published

Hot on the heels of new restrictions to London's congestion charge exemption scheme, French electric vehicle manufacturer, Mia Electric, has struck an exclusive deal with Venture Automotive Holdings Ltd, to import its ultra green cars to the UK. The company is currently looking to establish a dealer network for the vehicles.

Mia Electric's all electric car and panel van range has previously been unavailable to UK buyers, but with an official import agreement in place, the vehicles can now be marketed under the name of Mia Electric UK. With prices starting at £20,400, including the government's electric car subsidy, Mia UK will be aimed primarily at business and fleet buyers, due to its tax friendly status and low running costs.

Venture Automotive Holdings is very clear on Mia Electric's limited place in the UK market, with their use ideal for short trips around urban environments and regular return to base delivery arrangements, rather than long motorway journeys. The brand conveniently complies with new regulations which have cut London's congestion charge exemption programme to vehicles emitting less than 75g/km of CO2. At the moment, this excludes all conventional combustion engines, with only all electric or plug in hybrid vehicles reaching this level of environmental friendliness.

Mia Electric's line up includes the Mia, a three seater, the four seater Mia L and the Mia U and Mia BlueStar special edition commercial vehicles, all of which share the same chassis and drivetrain. The cars are specially designed as city runabouts and have as common features a plastic bodyshell, a central driver's seat, sliding doors and easy access floor cut outs. Power is provided by a pair of 12kW Lithium Ion Phosphate batteries, returning a 68mpg top speed and a 74 mile driving range, rechargeable in five hours. There is also a quick recharge function for 5 miles of driving within 10 minutes. The Mia comes with a huge number of colours and trim choices.

Buyers benefit from a five year or 70,000 mile 'Peace of Mind' warranty, covering batteries, electric drivetrain and corrosion and including roadside assistance. The practical but undeniably odd looking cars are currently made in Cerizay's former Heuliez factory and will be available in the UK from this summer.

Mia Electric was established in France in 2010 and has since built up a network of 40 independent dealers there for its compact but spacious and green vehicles. Last year, 337 private and 94 commercial sales were registered by the brand, which is also selling well in Germany.

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