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Mercedes S-Class latest

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Spy pics reveal more about the raft of alterations planned for the 2017 Mercedes S-Class.

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is receiving a facelift for 2017 as its makers strive to compete with the Jaguar XJ, the Audi A8 and the BMW 7 Series. Development cars have been spotted out on the road, with one of them snapped suffering suspected battery issues.

It is not expected that the exterior of the new Mercedes S-Class will change very much from the current version which was first available to buy in 2013. However, the recent spy shots do show some camouflaging of the front and rear bumpers, together with small changes to the design of the tail-lights. Earlier prototypes also revealed new cluster LED headlights.

Mercedes looks inwards

The interior is expected to undergo more complex changes. The digital instrument cluster of the current S-Class was a hallmark feature when it was launched but rivals have now taken on the technology for their own premium models.

This facelifted model seems to sport a frameless, wider dual-screen affair, which offers the potential for a larger screen area. The system will still be operated using the centre console’s touch-sensitive controller, even though Mercedes is experimenting with the technology for gesture control. It will run new infotainment software in the form of the newest version of Comand from Mercedes. The prototype spotted most recently also has a three-spoke, thicker steering wheel, replacing the two-spoke design of the current model.

Improved engines on offer

It is likely that the engines used in the current S-Class range will be carried over to the new models, although they might arrive with minor improvements made to their CO2 emissions and fuel economy. There are also plans for a 48v mild hybrid car as part of Mercedes’ plan to boost its electrically-assisted model range.

The Mercedes-AMG S 63

The facelifted version of the Mercedes-AMG S 63 has also been spotted testing around the Nurburgring as its makers prepare for its launch sometime in the middle of next year. Once again, there seems to only be subtle exterior changes to the S-Class with the AMG tuning and the camouflaging to the front bumper suggesting that this is the site of most of the S 63’s styling revisions. The majority of the other changes will be more generalised across the standard S-Class range.

In common with its sibling, the Mercedes-AMG 63 Coupe, which is receiving its own revamp, the Mercedes-AMG S 63 is set to experience a boost in power from its current delivery of 577bhp, although it has yet to be revealed by exactly how much.

The Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupé

The coupe version has also been spotted out testing, although it is not expected to arrive in showrooms until 2018 when it looks set to rival the Bentley Continental GT. The restyling again appears to include the updated front bumper and the new main grille. At the back, past sightings point to a new bumper design which dispenses with the side intakes seen on the current car, together with a smoother rear diffuser surround.

The current car manages 663lb ft of torque and has a 155mph top speed. It can also travel from zero to 62mph in 4.2 seconds. And this is before the power boost expected the next time around. To rival the Mercedes-AMG S 63 Coupé, Bentley is believed to be planning a 2018 launch for a new Continental GT. This could offer the choice of a W12 engine delivering 600bhp, suggesting that this is where Mercedes may be aiming with the power output of the facelifted S 63.

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