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Mercedes GL 63 AMG Gets Even Uglier

By raccars Published

Let’s be honest: the Mercedes GL has never been a good looking car. It’s been the most Chelsea of all the Chelsea-tractors, but it’s been far from the prom-queen. The GL, especially in its most sparkly 63 AMG edition, is just plain vulgar, but people must be buying them because Mercedes has unleashed a new, improved version.

The GL 63 AMG is now fitted with a 5.5-litre twin-turbo V8 and it’s quick; like ridiculously quick. Basically, the GL 63 has a massive engine and lots of AMG badges, but is that enough to convince buyers to swap their Range Rovers for the 550bhp V8?

No word on pricing or performance yet, but let’s guess it’s going to be seriously expensive and ridiculously quick.

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