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Mercedes-Benz Opening Up On Autumn's New S-Class

By raccars Published

The latest incarnation of Mercedes' luxury four-door saloon is due in UK showrooms in September this year, set to continue its predecessor's domination of that particular market segment. The flagship vehicle will showcase the best Mercedes can offer in comfort, build quality, efficiency, space and safety features.

The new Mercedes S-Class is tasked with replacing not only its own parent, but also to fill a gap created by the discontinuation of the company's Maybach offshoot luxury brand's 52 and 62 models. To reflect the S-Class's market significance, the updated model will be available in five different variants: short, long and extra long wheelbase saloons, plus coupe and cabriolet models. On the surface, the new car doesn't deviate dramatically from the existing model's blueprint, but details have been given a more modern treatment.

On the road attention has been paid to aerodynamics, in line with other modern vehicles from the German manufacturer, giving the big car a reduced drag co-efficient of 0.24. The front grille retains its traditional style but has been enlarged, along with the headlights, which now feature up to 56 LEDs, while the bumper and wheel arches have been smoothed out. The flanks have received the horizontal blade style crease increasingly commonly seen on modern cars.

Mechanically, the new S-Class is an updated version of its predecessor, assisted by new electronic elements to give improvements in areas such as safety – illuminated seatbelt buckle extenders, rear seatbelt strap airbags and, for those models opting for the option of a reclining rear seat, an airbag built into the seat cushion, to prevent occupants sliding forward in the event of an accident.

Improved comfort for rear seat passengers has become a particular focus for brands such as Mercedes, in order to cater to the burgeoning Asian appetite for luxury saloons. To this end, the new S-Class boasts a cavernous rear passenger space and details such as automatic seatbelt holsters, while the cabin has been extra-soundproofed to offer a silky smooth, cosseting ride.

Construction of the new car is based heavily upon lightweight materials, to reduce kerb weight without sacrificing body rigidity. There will be a choice of petrol and diesel units, plus petrol-electric and diesel-electric versions, all of which will be furnished with the same seven-speed automatic transmission as the previous models, albeit upgraded for a slicker performance. There is a wide choice of engines being released with the promise of an S63 AMG high-performance edition to come.

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