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Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

By raccars Published

Mercedes has allowed itself to sink into pure, grin inducing self indulgence for its latest venture, a vanity project that's the culmination of every young boy's dream. The AMG Vision Gran Turismo concept is a modern comic book car. It is, literally, a computer game brought to life and a strict one off. Due to be seen in Gran Turismo 6, Mercedes has taken the virtual reality car featured in the Sony Playstation game and made a life size edition of it.

This radical looking beast is ridiculously aggressive and far too outrageous to be offered for production in its current form, but it's nice to see Mercedes really let its hair down. Despite its hardcore appearance, Mercedes claims it has taken inspiration from great models of the past. That great, gaping maw of a front grille, for example, has apparently been modelled upon the 300 SL racer of 1952, but Gran Turismo-ed up with a bit of LED lighting. The basic silhouette – low slung with a neat cabin set behind a long, drawn out bonnet and pear drop shaped rear end – is a photofit of Mercedes sports racer profiles through the ages, taken now to its most extreme culmination with incredibly muscular curves.

Unlike the styling, performance has been confined to the limits of realism, involving a 577bhp twin turbo V8, the same unit used in the S63 AMG, which comes with a paddleshift transmission and eight exhaust exits. Seriously, eight. This real life engine is still fantasy worthy thanks to a super light 1,385kg kerb weight – that's a power to weight ratio of 417bhp per tonne, the result of an aluminium spaceframe chassis and carbon fibre bodyshell.

The concept's cabin is a two seat unit based upon Mercedes' current F1 vehicle. A floating glass binnacle houses the speedometer, rev counter and temperature gauges, while the dashboard mirrors the shape of the gullwing doors .

The car was developed by Mercedes in conjunction with game designer and racing driver, Kazunori Yamauchi, to celebrate 15 years of the game. In its sixth edition, players will be treated to over 1,200 cars – among which will be other concepts which Gran Turismo has invited manufacturers to make reality - and 37 tracks. It uses a GPS Visualiser to recreate real life roads in virtual reality form.

Mercedes will be showing off the AMG Vision Gran Turismo this month at the LA Motor Show. However, as a strict one off concept, fans will have to start gaming to get behind the wheel of this supercar.

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