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McLaren Unveil Convertible MP4-12C

By raccars Published

It was bound to happen at some point; McLaren has finally unveiled its convertible MP4-12C – and it’s pretty, really pretty. Dubbed the MP4-12C Spider, it’ll set you back a cool £195,500 and it’ll also make you look like the best looking person on the planet who is perfect in every single way. The Spider is, somehow, even better looking than the coupe, and with the top down there’s no escaping that V8 growl.

Antony Sheriff, McLaren Automotive Managing Director said: "While the 12C is the technological essence of a race car, the 12C Spider incorporates an additional dimension. 12C Spider owners will love the opportunity to lower the roof and hear the unhindered howl of a V8 twin turbo engine at full throttle. It undoubtedly enhances an already euphoric 12C driving experience."

So one of the best cars ever made is now available with a retractable roof – makes you want to sell your kids, doesn’t it?

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