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McLaren opens showroom in Abu Dhabi

By raccars Published

McLaren aren’t fans of doing things on the cheap, and to prove this, along with showing off their new dealership in Abu Dhabi, they decided to produce a cracking video about the 12C using the most up-to-date HD technology.

McLaren's Mark Harrison said: "We wanted to produce this video to highlight our presence across the Middle East and reaffirm our commitment to establishing our brand in the region.

"The 12C is as comfortable on the road as a premium sedan, yet faster than any competitor car in its segment and this excellent video shows this fact; capturing the beauty of the desert, the emotion of the urban environment and the drama of a world famous Formula 1 circuit – three locations where the 12C is supremely confident."

The tech used to produce the video apparently shows four times more detail than current HD systems, so we’re guessing it cost a small fortune to make.


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