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McLaren Enter Formula E

By raccars Published

Car fans who love a bit of F1 will soon have a new formula to enjoy: Formula E. Yep, you’ve guessed it, the E stands for Electric, but while the prospect of watching electric-powered, high-performance racing cars fly past you with no soundtrack may not sound too exciting, you need to recognise this won’t just be a Formula for a laugh – this will be serious.

So serious, in fact, that McLaren will be entering the series. According to reports, McLaren will supply an electric engine, gearbox and electronics for Spark Racing Technology. It’s an exciting prospect, as it could mean, in the future, we may see a McLaren works team in the Formula E – if all goes to plan.

Let’s just hope the series won’t fail like A1 GP. Formula E stated to begin in 2014. Let the countdown begin.

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