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McLaren Boosts MP4-12C Power

By raccars Published

McLaren has done the right thing and finally boosted the power output of the shockingly underwhelming MP4-12C supercar. Of course, we’re joking, because the 12C is an unbelievably powerful supercar, but it seems some owners still feel they’re not getting enough out of the 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 – and McLaren have decided to help them out a bit.

Power is now up 25hp, meaning the 12C now produces a staggering 625hp, while emissions and economy stays the same. McLaren have achieved this by fiddling with the engine map, which does beg the question: why didn’t they just make it 625hp from the get-go?

The update won’t happen until October, but how will Ferrari feel about Woking’s finest now producing quite a bit more power than its 458 Italia?

We smell a fight brewing!

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