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Manchester is Britain's Car Crime Capital

By raccars Published

A new report has revealed Suzuki owners in Manchester have the hardest time with car thieves. Police car crime statistics show the northern city suffers more vehicle crime than any other location in England or Wales, particularly in the central M2 postcode area.

Approximately one third or 32% of car owners in Manchester's city centre area have been affected, with 3,180 crimes reported in the area for every 10,000 cars, in the period from October 2011 to September 2012. Nearly half of incidents reported were related to the theft of personal possessions.

Owners in central Liverpool's L1 postcode area are the second worst affected group in Britain, reporting crimes on 22% of cars owned, with BD1 in Bradford close behind at 21% and Birmingham's B4 area fourth, with an 18% rate of car crime.

London's EC2 area suffers the city's worst rate of car crime, coming tenth on the list organised by postcode area but the city as a whole is the third worst hit in the country. Manchester city once again tops the league with 505 offences for every 10,000 cars, with Bradford second. Cardiff and Bristol, in the ninth and tenth spots, are the only southern towns apart from London to make it on to the cities list.

Car crime offences organised by vehicle manufacturer show Suzuki owners feeling the pain, with 93 models stolen for every 10,000 on the road. The second most stolen make of car is Mitsubishi but it is way behind with 42 offences for every 10,000 models and Mercedes-Benz is third, at 39 reported crimes for every 10,000. Individual model figures, however, put the Mitsubishi Shogun at the highest risk of theft, followed by the Nissan Sunny, Nissan Bluebird, BMW X6 and the Ford Orion. Narrowing those vehicles down to those most likely stolen to order, usually luxury or sporty cars, the BMW X6 is the most attractive to thieves, then the BMW M3 and the BMW M5.

The highest proportion of car crime is related to theft from vehicles at 41%, with criminal damage next at 40% and car theft taking a relatively small slice of the pie, accounting for 16% of reported car crime.

The information is taken from records of 515,248 car crimes reported to 42 police forces from October 2011 to September 2012 and relates to England and Wales. The total figures give the UK an average car crime rate of 1.2%, with the situation predictably worse in urban areas, at more than 2.4%.

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