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Making Money From Your Tax Disc

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With the abolition of the paper tax disc from 1 October, collectors believe the last discs issued could be worth some money. Some unusual tax discs are collectable items and highly sought after by velologists, as fanciers of the paper discs are known.

One particular disc, for example, with an expiry date of December 1921- the first year paper tax discs were issued, was bought by a velologist for £810. Usually the most valuable discs are the oldest ones, with condition an important factor in determining the value. A disc with an expiry date of June 1926, in slightly less than pristine condition, can be found for £40 on Collecticus, an online auction site. Original discs from March 1921, the earliest ever date of issue, and in perfect condition, could sell for more than £1,000 after paper tax discs become a footnote in automotive history.

The velology market has been expanding over the past decade and is likely to grow significantly once the paper tax disc becomes obsolete. While there is currently no shortage of discs at the moment, it could be worth keeping your final discs in perfect condition for a possible sale later on. Some discs from the Sixties and Seventies are now trading for more than they originally cost.

The last few discs to be issued in particular are drawing interest from collectors, as the DVLA has announced that thanks to a shortage of the traditional perforated paper on which they are usually printed, the final run of paper tax discs will be printed on plain paper, for car owners to cut out themselves. This anomaly is expected to make the last discs particularly collectible.

Velologists point out that apart from making an interesting investment, tax discs are an ideal collector's item for their historical value, colourful presentation and easy display properties, being flat and small in size.

If you want to get your hands on one of these possible collectors' pieces, you only have a few weeks left in which to apply. The DVLA accepts applications for new tax discs up to a month before the expiry of the old one, so if you have more than a month to run on your existing period of VED, you won't be issued with a new disc. If you have some older discs that are in good condition, it may be worth keeping them, but there will be plenty of competition in the market!

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