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Make A Career Out Of Cars

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They say you should do what you love, so if you love cars, how do you make a career out of them? Most petrol-heads' dreams focus around motorsport and a lucky few can and will make spectacular careers by thrashing a car around a track, but there are many more jobs available in supporting roles. Most require good education and training in automotive skills and dedication to the job. If you can't get in that way, there are other arenas open to car fans, who want to turn their passion into their career.


If you are patient and enjoy imparting information, then teaching people to drive may be a good option. You could just become a driving instructor or you could display a bit of entrepreneurial spirit and start your own driving school. You will need to put more in, but certainly the rewards should be greater. Driving schools benefit from a constantly self-fulfilling pool of customers in the form of teenagers, desperate for a bit of freedom as soon as they are old enough to hold a licence. So put your business savvy to good use and capture a bit of that market.

Go Mobile

The huge advantage of becoming a mobile mechanic from the business owner's point of view is the lower overheads - you'll need tools and transport but you won't need to pay out for premises every month. For the time poor customer, there is the convenience of not having to drop off and pick up their car. This growing trend is looking to have legs and could well be the future of car repairs and maintenance.

Online Retailing

You can sell almost anything online, from whole cars to components. If you have access to a good supply of, for example, replacement soft tops, car floor mats, tyres or anti-theft locking systems, you can make a business out of it online. You'll need to set up a good e-commerce website and do a bit of marketing but don't need to worry about premises.

Car Hire

There's plenty of money to be made in the car hire business for the smart entrepreneur. Start with the right location, which means plenty of people and places they may want to go to, such as tourist resorts. You will also need to find a unique selling point to make you stand out from the competition, but apart from that, you simply need the cars and a commitment to good customer service. Like any business, a good website is key to finding customers and driving trade.

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