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Lexus Unveils LS Prices

By raccars Published

The flagship LS series from Lexus has long been the preferred car for the driver who wants absolute quality and comfort. The LS is often been overlooked thanks to dominance from BMW and Mercedes but, in many ways, the LS is easily the better car on a day-to-basis.

And now, there’s a new one, and Lexus has announced the prices. The entry-level LS will set you back a sobering £71,995, while it’ll be a few pennies short of £100K for the top model. That’s £100,000… for a Lexus!

No matter how good the LS is, surely that is way too much? Who, in their right mind, is going to pay that much for a saloon? A Lexus saloon, too!

If you like smelling Mushrooms of an evening and enjoy licking baked-bean lids, the £100,000 LS is probably the ideal car for you.

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